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Instructions for Candidates for May 2019 Graduation




The University Commencement will take place on Saturday, May 18th at 1:00 p.m. in the Swinney Recreation Center on the UMKC campus (The doors to Swinney will open one hour before the ceremony so that friends and family can find their seats.)  Commencement will take approximately 1-1 1/2 hours. Tickets will not be needed for your guests. 

A reception, for all graduates and their guests, will take place on Saturday, May 18th outside Swinney Recreation Center right after commencement.

Please advise your guests they may park in various locations on campus (please refer to the campus map on the web page:

There are several options for parking close to the recreation center. The parking structure (Cherry Street Parking) may be accessed off of Oak Street just north of the Administration Building. For easiest access to Swinney Rec, park on the 5th level of that structure.  The parking lots in closest proximity to Swinney Recreation Center are the Atterbury Student Success Center and Performing Arts Center. For handicap parking, you will be able to drop someone off at the back side of Swinney and park in a handicap space with the appropriate state-issued hang tag. There will be campus police available to direct you.

YOU MUST BRING YOUR REGALIA WITH YOU TO COMMENCEMENT.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGALIA BAG BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BOOKSTORE TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED (ROBE, TASSEL, CAP AND HOOD). Please try on your regalia as soon as you receive it to ensure proper fit. If your cap or gown does not fit, please contact the bookstore as soon as possible. 

Emphasis & Pro Bono cords will be handed out at the check in table on graduation day.  Your emphasis and/or Pro Bono hours must be verified before graduation day in order to receive your cord. 

There will be no formal practice for Commencement.  Please refer to this letter for reference.
Please join your peers in Pierson Auditorium in the Atterbury Student Success Center no later than 12:00-12:15 p.m. on Commencement day to allow time to robe and get organized for the procession.  (Remember that you may have to park a long way from the Rec Center and walk if you are late). DO NOT BRING ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR REGALIA TO THE ROBING AREA AS IT WILL NOT BE LOCKED NOR WILL SECURITY BE GUARANTEED. LEAVE PURSES OR OTHER VALUABLE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

Inside the Auditorium, tables will be set up with 3x5 cards with each degree candidate's name arranged alphabetically.  Stop to get your card and keep it with you. 

Once you have your card, look for the sign for the School of Law. That is how the units will be lining up.  There will be a number on your card and that is the location of where the law school will be lining up for the procession.  There will be a faculty marshal for each degree program.  Dean Allen Rostron, Associate Dean is the Marshall for the School of Law.  Check the spelling of your name. If your name is difficult to pronounce, please write it phonetically on your card. Once you have found your place in line, wait there for further instructions. 

The academic procession will move out of Pierson Auditorium at 12:55 p.m. and will officially enter Swinney Recreation Center at 1:00 p.m.  The academic procession begins with degree candidates and ends with members of the Board of Curators.

As you march into the Swinney Recreation Center, Dean Rostron will lead you to the correct row of seats.  Optimally there will be no gaps in the seating.  You should remain standing until all members of the program have reached their positions, and the National Anthem has been sung. When directed by the grand marshal, you are to be seated.  It is critical that you listen to the speakers to know when to stand for recognition and when to follow the faculty marshals to the stage for recognition.  As you are directed you will move in rows and circle behind the bleachers coming up to the right of the stage, ascend the ramp and hand your 3x5 card to Dean Rostron who will serve as the announcer for the Law School. Your hoods should be draped over the right arm as you ascend to the stage.  As your name is announced you will cross the stage and hand Dean Glesner Fines your hood.  You should turn around to face the audience (with your back to Dean Glesner Fines who will place the hood over your head).  You will receive a diploma folder and handshake from the Chancellor, shake hands with the Curator(s), have your photograph taken, cross the stage, descend the steps and return to your seat as directed by the faculty marshals.

Once Commencement is over, all graduates and participants will leave Swinney Recreation Center in a formal recessional.  All participants exit in reverse order; therefore, the curators, deans and faculty go first followed by new graduates.  You may meet your guests outside of Swinney. The ceremony is scheduled to last no more than 90 minutes. 

You will not receive your actual diploma during Commencement. Diplomas for May graduates will be available from Peggy Lukken in the Administrative Suite at the Law School after June 30th.  She will email a confirmation to all when diplomas are available for pick up. You should call Peggy at (816) 235-1688 prior to making a trip in to get your diploma to be certain it is ready.  Any diplomas not claimed by the end of July will be mailed to the address you listed in Pathway as your Diploma Address. To ensure safe delivery, any changes of address necessary for mailing of diplomas should be made in Pathway prior to graduation.

You may have copies of your transcript as soon as grades are posted.  When requesting a transcript, check the "hold for degree" box to guarantee that your transcript will include the notation for your degree included before it is mailed.  Official transcripts (suitable for the Bar) MUST be ordered through Pathway.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Peggy Lukken at / 816-235-1688 or Janet Rogers at / 816-235-1583.   



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