Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check to see if my name is on the list to graduate?
Please contact your Commencement Coordinator.
Do I need a ticket?
Our ceremonies are open to friends and family - you do not need a ticket to attend.
Is there a fee for commencement?
UMKC does not charge a graduation or diploma fee. A diploma will be printed free of charge for all degree recipients. Commencement activities require proper attire that may involve a fee.
What is suggested attire?
Aside from the prescribed academic regalia for graduates, business casual is recommended.
Is there a graduation practice?
No, but you will receive instructions during the procession/line up prior to the ceremony on how to proceed and where you will be seated.  
When and where do I meet for the procession/line up?
See instructions from your academic unit. Robing locations are different for each academic unit.  
Where do I get the card to give to the reader who announces my name?
Check in with your department's table when you arrive for line up.  
What if my name is hard to pronounce?
Write it out phonetically above the printed name on your reader card. Before processing into the auditorium, your readers will ask that you self report and pronounce your name.  
I am graduating with Latin Honors. Where do I get my Latin Honors Medallions?
Latin Honors Medallions are handed out by representatives of your school or department. Check in at your departments table when you arrive for line up.  
How do I get to Swinney Recreation Center without encountering stairs?
The north entrance of Swinney Recreation Center is handicapped accessible via a circular drive. 
There are disability parking spaces available at the Student Success Center which serve Pierson Auditorium, as well as Swinney Recreation Center.  The Student Success Center/Pierson Auditorium is handicapped accessible via the north/east entrance. The north entrance of Swinney Recreation Center is handicapped accessible via a circular drive.  For other accessibility concerns, contact our Student Disability Services office at 816-235-5696 or via e-mail at   
What if I or my family/friends need special assistance during the ceremony?
Please contact your Commencement Coordinator.
How long will the ceremony last?
Ceremonies generally last approximately 60-90 minutes.
Is there a reception following the ceremony?
Please see the schedule and the specific instructions from your academic unit for information regarding receptions.
Can I video/use flash cameras during the ceremony?
Guests are welcome to video and use flash cameras during the ceremony.
How do I get graduation photos?
A representative from Grad Images will attend. They will take handshakes and posed photos during the ceremony. Grad Images will mail proofs and ordering information within four weeks of the ceremony. If you do not receive your mailing, visit their Web site

How do I get my diploma?
Diplomas are available at the Records Office in the Administrative Center, 5115 Oak St., beginning 40 days after the last final exam for the semester. You must present a valid student ID matching the name on your diploma. Diplomas not picked up in person within two weeks will be mailed.
What if I want my diploma mailed overseas, or if someone else will pick up my diploma?
Contact the Record Office at or 816-235-1213 to make the necessary arrangements.
Other questions?
Please contact your Commencement Coordinator.